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Our History

Acranom Masonry, Inc., was founded in 2003 by Sal Monarca. Born into the masonry business, at a young age, Sal was able to gain valuable experience and training from his late father, Sebby Monarca.

In 1990, Sal and his brother Fabrizio, first formed F. Monarca Masonry Inc. together. For at least a decade, together they completed most of the large open-shop masonry projects in Connecticut. However, Sal realized to achieve his goals and reach the top of the masonry industry, he would have to be a union masonry contractor; therefore, Acranom Masonry, Inc. was founded.

When developing the company name, Sal used a unique way to connect himself with the company. The company name “Acranom” is “Monarca” spelled backwards; this is known as a semordnilap.

As a Union masonry contractor, Acranom quickly became known as a top-quality masonry company in Connecticut. The company completed many fast tracked and high-profile masonry projects with exceptional quality while constantly delivering their work on time. Since 2003, the company has completed hundreds of successful masonry projects to client satisfaction.

As a result, the company grew at an intense rate of speed. With such an increase in customer demand, they added many top Connecticut contractors to their customer base. With this growth, the average number of employees increased from a beginning average of 30-40 employees to 150-200 plus union employees.

The company has received many awards for their quality work and dedication, including the Masonry Union “Golden Trowel Award” from the International Masonry Institute (IMI) for their work at MGM Grand at Foxwoods Casino. Acranom then won 1st Place 2014 National Masonry Construction Award for CREC MPTP New Britain, Connecticut, as well as 1st Place 2017 National Award Best Stone Project for Davis Barracks at West Point, New York.

During the decline in the overall economy in 2007, Acranom owner, Sal Monarca, was blessed with the foresight to realize that to maintain and increase the growth of the company; they would have to expand into other market areas. In preparation, during 2006 and 2007 Sal initiated the expansion of Acranom’s work area to not only just covering Connecticut, but shifting towards Massachusetts and Rhode Island as well.

As a result of success in these nearby New England States and by continuation of delivering quality work on time for top Contractors’, Acranom was invited to build masonry projects in New York City. Venturing into the Tri-State area was a new and exciting challenge, but once again, through hard work and diligence, Acranom was quickly established as a top Union Masonry Contractor in New York City.

Furthermore, due to their success in New York City and throughout New England, the company now has a continuing approved bonding program of $100 million.

As the company expanded outside of Connecticut the Owners also were determined to not lose sight of their home-based local market in Connecticut. In order to fulfil the goal of establishing Acranom as a top New England Union Masonry Contractor, Sal decided to hire an experienced masonry professional in a position as company Vice President to further strengthen the field and office systems.

In June 2012, they appointed John F. Duffy, CPE. as Acranom’s Vice President. John had accumulated 38 years of masonry experience throughout his career prior to Acranom Masonry Inc. His hard work ethics, integrity, and will to succeed matched the operations and goals of the whole Acranom family. His resume includes his work as project manager of 2 prior projects that were awarded 1st Place overall in USA National Masonry Awards. By sharing his excellent education, qualifications, and accomplishments in masonry construction, he has delivered and implemented improved structural changes and new team building ideas to improve the company.

It is of particular note that his first hiring was that of a qualified full-time Safety Director, Jim Martin a man of 50 years’ experience in managing, teaching and training construction industry safety. Acranom’s full focus continues to be on Safety and Quality and with the resultant natural improved Productivity being the payoff of the former two structure improvements. After many years of hard work, Jim Martin retired, forever leaving a good safety imprint on the company. Acranom now has safety management and services by Keith Stedman of OSHA Outreach safety consultants.

Acranom continues to deliver Quality with Safety and the necessary Productivity to meet any schedule.

Acranom Masonry is signatory and affiliated with all the Union Organizations of New England particularly Local 1 Bricklayers of Connecticut and the Connecticut Laborers Union Locals. As a Union Masonry Contractor all employees receive ongoing training and the technical support of the International Masonry Institute, (IMI).

Acranom Masonry is State of Connecticut DAS and DOT certified, Massachusetts DCAM certified, New York City SCA and MTA certified, also Acranom has approved certifications for all Union projects in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Rhode Island.

We look forward to serving you in your needs for quality and safe masonry construction delivered in a timely manner to meet your project requirements.

“At Acranom – We hire the right people, and put them in the right place!”