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Our current safety plan is a success and is managed in detail on a daily basis. We are in our 8th year of a long-term safety plan and the results have been excellent. The nucleus of the plan is a simple one of daily detailed communications and consistency.

We start every day with a safety reminder text sent at 6:30 a.m. to all mason and labor foremen. We have not missed sending out this daily safety text for any workday in over 8 years.

The foremen in turn meet with their crews on each job at 7 a.m. and they share the notes from the text including any weather conditions or other warnings. They meet for the first 10 minutes of each day and also discuss job specific concerns and changing site conditions on each project.

In addition, we have the support and training provided by our safety consultants, OSHA Outreach Co.

We can measure the success of the safety plan by the overall improvements in safety awareness and the resultant improvement in our EMR rates. The number of accidents and the number of lost days away from work have declined significantly each year. We have implemented and we manage a No Lost Time and Return To Work company policy. In the event there are any injured workers we accommodate and support them fully with the goal of No Lost Time.

With the full support of all our crews, management and insurance company, we have lowered our EMR each year to a current value of 0.75.

We thank our entire team for their hard work and safety as we try and do our very best every day.

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While providing our clients with experience and dedication, Acranom Masonry is constantly evolving to be on the cutting edge of the masonry industry. We are actively involved with learning and understanding new products and services as they are incorporated into the industry.

Acranom is also adding new equipment and tools on a regular basis. In order to provide our customers with a complete package, we offer a variety of job specific equipment and installation needs.


Our safety program is very important to the company’s future as well. As a company we are always training our employees with the safety requirements of the construction industry as new laws and codes are enforced. Our safety committee members are the workers from the front lines.

For Acranom and our customers, our future lies in educating and training our employees as the industry changes and improves.