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Billerica Memorial High School
Billerica, MA

The beauty of masonry construction is clearly evident on the new Billerica Memorial High School. The innovative architectural lines of fancy masonry patterns and corbeled brick makes this project elegant and captivating in every way. We are proud to have received the 2022 BAC Craft Award for the Best Brick Project for this building.
  • 580,000 bricks
  • 60,000 specialty corbels
  • 20,000 ground face CMU units
  • 9,000 standard CMU units
  • 200 pieces of precast
  • 150 pieces of granite
  • Duration: 1 year

Congratulations to the Local 3 crew and contractor Acranom Masonry for their outstanding work on this remarkable project. The exceptional craftmanship drives home the premise that union brick layers are truly “the best hands in the business.”