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UCONN Storrs STEM Residence Hall

The new UCONN STEM project at the UCONN Storrs CT campus was started two months late due to a severe winter in 2015. There were many challenges to even get the first floor completed and to build a rhythm into the job that could bring the project back on track for the overall construction schedule.
Fast Track 8 Story Masonry Load-bearing Project Regains 2 Months of Lost Schedule.

With exceptional planning and hard work, we were successful on completing the 8 story block structure. Not only was it completed, but it was completed 5 weeks ahead of schedule. Also, before completing the last 2 floors of the 8 story load-bearing blockwork we started the exterior brick veneer walls. These actions helped the project gain back the overall 2 month delay

The project was ingeniously led by KBE Construction. Our success was possible only with the collaborative team effort of everyone, including all subcontractors involved in the project.