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1st Place 2017 National Award Best Stone Project. Davis Barracks at West Point New York

1st Place 2014 National Masonry Construction Award Winner for CREC MPTP New Britain, CT

State Capital Office Building Restoration
Capitol Ave Hartford, Connecticut

This Historic Building had many different restoration activities both exterior and interior including a new expansive marble lobby and entrance. Entire exterior limestone and granite walls were cleaned, sand blasted and repointed. The exterior work also included patching and repairs using the Dutchman procedure.The perimeter granite site walls were removed in their entirety and reinstalled with air vapor barriers and new flashings. Each granite panel and coping was photographed and labeled for documentation before removal for accurate reinstallation. Similarly, the exterior grand staircase granite steps were also documented before removal and reinstallation back into its exact original location.

The interior restoration work included removal of paint and repair to damaged limestone, travertine and marble panels in the main corridor at approximately 200 feet long. Also, joint cutting and repointing of 50 black granite columns. Several of the damaged black granite panels were removed and replaced with new panels to match existing. Acranom performed cleaning and restoration of the entire historical hallway. Two main stair cases were fully cleaned and restored including the replacement of marble wainscot panels and tapered top bands. The marble panels in the grand entrance lobby were selected in Italy by Architect Amenta Emma and furnished by AKDO Company and installed by Acranom and Port Morris. The new east courtyard consists of 2 large granite Planters, 4 long Seat Walls and 8 Seat Benches. The granite is Deer Isle fabricated in Rhode Island and is perfect match to the existing building and site walls.

This has been a safe project with our Labor Foreman Andrew Smith winning the project safety award on consecutive months, and our Mason Foreman Carlos Estevez who supervised all of the work. Our Team worked hard and hand-in-hand with the GC Gilbane Building Co to complete and deliver another successful project on time and on budget.

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80 Industrial Park Access Rd. Middlefield,CT 06455 | 860-349-9000
79 Lyman Street, Northborough, MA 01532 | 508-393-9005